Video Conference Lighting Kit Laptop Zoom Lighting Remote Working Adjustable Color Brightness Selfie Stick Cellphone Tripod RGB Video Light Softening Diffuser Live Streaming Self Broadcasting

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Video conference lighting kit will brighten up your face and help you look your best, easily fit on both laptop and desktop, suitable for zoom calling, remote working, online classes etc
Professional portable photographic light, full color LED video light helps your photography more colorful, widely used for portraits, MV video, micro film and studio etc.
Main Features:
Adjustable Brightness from 5% to 100%
Adjustable color temperature from warm (3000K) to cool (6000K)
Diffuser soft box and built-in frost lens provide you the flexibility to soften your light and get the professional glow
Upgraded sticky suction cup computer mount capable to attach a long time to any flat surface including laptop and desktops.
Large capacity lithium battery provides hours of illuminations and it also supports working while charging.
Brightness range: 5%~100%
Color temperature range: 3000K~6000K
LED Lamp beads: 28pcs Warm/ White Lamps + 24pcs RGB
Power: 10W
Built-in lithium battery: DC3.85V, 4000mAh
Continue working time: Approx 1.5h (100% full, 4000K power)
Fixed Interface: Standard 1/4″ screw thread hole*2
Dimension: Approx 122mm*68mm*9mm
Package includes:
1 X RGB LED Panel Light
1 X Silicone Softening Diffuser
1 X Suction Cup Mount
1 X Selfie Stick Tripod
1 X USB-C Charging Cable
1 X USB to USB-C Adapter
1 X Hot shoe Adapter
1 X User Manual
If the suction cup gets not sticky, moisten the cup with water and it will adhere strong again. Make sure the surface flat and dust free. Avoid mounting the suction cup on the edge of your computer, as it will not have a strong hold and may result in falling off. Avoid closing the suction cup latch before suction cup is compressed. Make sure you fully push down suction cup and close the latch while it’s fully compressed.

ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS & COLOR TEMPERATURE: Adjust brightness from 5% ~100% and color temperature from 3000K(warm orange)~6000K(cool white) to look your best and get perfect lighting effect for your skin tone and match the ambient light in the room.
ADJUSTABLE SELFIE STICK TRIPOD STAND: from 10 inch to 30 inch, which gives you more flexibility to find the height and the spot that works best for you, especially if you wear glasses and want to avoid glare on glasses, you may either set your light up above your computer or off to the side.
SUCTION CUP MOUNT: with upgraded stronger adhesion and allows you quickly install the light on laptops, desktops and any other flat surface.
PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING: The silicone softening diffuser provides you a soft and professional glow, and makes you easy on eyes. The RGB mode function can help you to achieve various scenario simulations and different effects by combining different colors, perfect for gaming, content creation, self broadcasting and live streaming.
PORTABLE & RECHARGEABLE: Compact design, easy to move around; The built-in lithium battery provides you hours of illumination. The kit also comes with a USB-C charging cable and USB to USB-C adapter cable for simultaneous charging and light use.

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