Video Camera Ultra 2.7K Camcorder HD 36MP Digital Vlogging Recorder with IR Night Vision and 16X Digital Zoom Equipped with Touchable Screen, External Microphone, Remote Control and Batteries included

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Product Description

VideoSky Video CameraVideoSky Video Camera

VideoSky Multifunctional Video camera

–Dedicated to providing users with satisfactory operation experience to turn memorable scene into external memories

Warm tips:

1. Please read the user manual and product guidelines carefully before use.

2. This camera is designed for amateurs, not for professional users (auto focus and optical zoom are not supported).

3. The camera does not support manual focus and the lens is fixed. Please keep a shooting distance of more than 4 feet /1.5 meters for clear photos or videos.

4. When using the hood, the remote control may not be as sensitive as usual. This is due to the interference of the infrared induction, not the product quality problem, please take off the lens hood for normal use.

Product accessoriesProduct accessories


Package Content

1 x 2.7K Camera1 x External microphone1 x Lens Hood1 x HDMI Cable1 x USB Cable1 x Remote Control1 x Dust bag1 x Handheld Stabilizer1 x User Manual2 x Rechargeable Batteries

Warm prompt:

1. When using for the first time, please format the SD card (not included) through this camera.

2. When using the microphone for the first time, make sure the microphone is charged and the white indicator lights up when turned on.

3. When using live webcam function for the first time, please download “AMcap” and follow the corresponding operation according to guidance.

4. This camera can be equipped with 8-128 GB SD card. SanDisk or Samsung Class10 SD card is recommened.

External Microphone

External Microphone





VideoSky video camera allows you to easily record every beautiful moment and restore every bit of the scene in high-definition.

The hand-held Stabilizer can effectively fix the lens, and also facilitate the movement of the camera to prevent the image from shaking or shaking.

Webcam function allows instant video chat and online meetings. This feature also applies to live streaming on social media platforms.







The pause feature allows you pause the recording of a video at any time, while continuing whenever you want to start, avoiding the hassle of post-editing.

Excellent night vision performance can let you effective capture high-definition images and videos in low light or even dark environments.

This camera can keep recording while charging, and has two long-lasting lithium batteries, so no worries about running out of power.

☞【IR Night Vision & External Microphone】☞ The Infrared night vision can help users capture high-definition images and videos in low light or even dark environments effectively. In addition to the built-in microphone, the camera is equipped with an external one. With the adopatation of X-Y stereo sound pickup technology and NCR noise reduction design, this specially designed microphone can grasp clear and stable sound acquisition in video recording, conference and other occasions.
☞【Webcam & Pause Function】☞ Users can start video conversations and live streaming on social media platforms through the webcam function. Tips: Please make sure to download the “AMcap” application before using the Webcam function for the first time. Please refer to the picture guidelines for specific operations. The recording can be paused and resumed at any time, avoiding the tedious post-editing. Also this camera supports charging while recording, no worries about running out of power.
☞【Wide Range of Accessories】☞ The camera comes with a full range of accessories that maximize performance and use experience. The package contains handheld stabilizer, lend hood, external microphone, remote control and 2 batteries.The camera can also connect to TV and computer devices via USB cable provided. Warm Tips: SD card is not included in the package. When using the hood, the remote control may not be as sensitive as usual. This is due to the interference of the infrared induction.
☞【Quality Assurance & services】☞ Our team provides efficient quality assurance services, and adopts a rotating duty system to ensure that every customer’s doubts or problems can be solved in a satisfactory way within 6 hours. If you have any questions about the purchase or use of the product, please feel free to contact us.

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