Verizon Signal Booster 4G LTE 700Mhz Band13 Cell Phone Signal Booster Verizon Mobile Signal Booster Cell Phone Signal Amplifier Repeater Home SHWCELL Indoor Whip+Outdoor Omni Antenna Kit

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Product Description

Verizon cell phone signal boosterVerizon cell phone signal booster

verizon cell phone signal booseterverizon cell phone signal booseter







​No More Dropped & Missed call

Home cell signal booster kits stop dropped & missed calls and extend battery life for multiple cellular devices

​Good and Solid Cell Reception

Solve the bad reception , receive good and consistent signal , Boost your cell phone cellular service, never drop call ,Nice performance

Clear Call & Fast network Data

Receive and Make clear call ,Send text , Surfing the internet ,watch video and stream, Enjoy your Relax time, It’s used on in Home ,Office, Basement,warehouse,Village, garage


The Outdoor Omni -directional antenna captures cellular signal from direction of signal tower. Includes mounting hardware and connects to booster with 50 feet 4D-FB coax cable

The Indoor amplifier boosts cell signal received from and sent back to the cell tower. Powered by a standard wall-outlet 12V AC power supply.

The Indoor Whip antenna (omni-directional) rebroadcasts boosted cellular signal to multiple mobile devices. Antenna connects directly to booster.

increases voice, Data signal strength for all North American area

Boost your Verizon 700Mhz 4G LTE Band13 Cell Signal Inside your Home, Office, Basement, Remote Area

All of the components you need for installation are included in the package,

Easy to set up , Solve your bad reception, Get Excellent cell signal service , Enjoy your Life !


How SHWCELL cell signal booster works

1.The outdoor antenna captures signal from the signal tower

2.The outdoor antenna transfers the signal to the cell booster via the Coaxial cable

3.The booster amplifies cell signal and sends it to the Indoor antenna

4.The Indoor antenna rebroadcasts the signal insides to all mobile devices

5.The Booster amplifies outgoing cell signal back to the signal tower

Verizon cell phone booster supports voice and 4G data for 4G/LTE mobile phones, including IOS , Android, Windows Phone Systems, etc. better voice quality, faster Data uploads and downloads,Get fewer dropped calls
The cell phone booster could reduces dropped calls and improves the voice quality in your house,Keep the distance between the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna should be above 22ft ,The cell phone signal booster repeater is used for Village,Garage,Basement,Home,Office , hotel, apartment and so on.
Low Operating Temperature, High-Gain Linear Power. The mobile phone signal booster verizon network extender could cover up to 1500-2000 sq.ft in open space without obstacle, For Multiple Devices and Users, , solve your poor mobile signal issues , Enjoy your life
The cell phone signal booster for home with FCC authentication certificate, 30-day money-back guarantee, One Year Manufacturer Warranty, if have any problems, please feel free contact us, we will do everything we could do to solve your problems. All parts included in the cell signal booster verizon package , Very easy to install.


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