TurboLock TL99 Bluetooth Smart Lock for Keyless Entry with App | Share & Delete Unlimited eKeys on Demand | Beautiful Finish, Simple Installation, Weather-Ready Craftsmanship. (Bronze)

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Product Description

TURBOLOCK TL99 Digital Lock: Reliable Security for Families, Offices & Rentals

Upgrade to keyless security with the TurboLock TL99 Smart Lock and take your entry access control to the next level. Keypad passcodes (1 admin + 9 user). Unlimited eKeys on-demand via the app. Automatic locking. Simple retrofit on existing doors for an easy DIY job that doesn’t require expensive professionals or specialized tools. This is steadfast peace of mind when you need it most — all the time.

The Bluetooth-enabled TL99 electronic lock is the perfect touch to any home, office or rental apartment for that boost of security. Wirelessly unlock with your phone when you’re near the lock. Input passcodes directly on the backlit keypad. Grant access to other trusted Turbolock account holders from anywhere in the world — and revoke their access just as easily. Families with grandparents or disabled relatives living on their own will have no trouble getting in and out when needed. And with the auto-lock feature, you can rest assured that your entry access is always on lockdown, until you’re ready to open things up again.

Not Just for Residential Homes

The TL99 looks amazing on standard homes. But the durable zinc alloy materials and expert craftsmanship make this a perfect and effective digital front door lock for rental units, apartments and most offices. Need to change user access without the hassle of expensive lock rekeying or replacements? Now you can — at the drop of a hat. Simple delete shared access, remove specific users or simply delete a passcode directly from the keypad.

Professionals Need Not Apply

Stunning durability. Near limitless options. Effortless control. None of that means anything if the lock is unwieldy to use and difficult to install. Fortunately, the TL99 is neither. Within minutes, you’ll be locked and loaded with epic security. The TL99 fits most standard doors with right- or left-side hinges. Need help with installation? Visit our site for step-by-step guidance. And our top-tier service specialists, backed by an American company, are available for you via email, livechat or phone if you need further assistance.

Open the door to keyless possibilities with the advanced TurboLock TL99 Smart Lock.

Keyless Convenience You Control

The TurboLock app comes complete with all the features necessary for you to take control of your own security. And all without worrying about losing bulky keys or needing to rekey your locks.

Share eKeys on demand via the app. Create keypad passcodes directly on the lock itself. Schedule single-use code access for babysitters, or permanent eKeys for friends and families. Granting unlimited eKeys to family and friends, renters and employees has never been this quick and easy!

With the Bluetooth-enabled TL-99, adding, changing, and deleting tenant access will be as easy as tapping your phone. Use the TurboLock app to grant and revoke eKeys in seconds for painless rental transitions from one tenant to the next. No complicated lock changes or loss of keys!

Simple — Convenient — Effective

Whether interacting with the TL99 digital lock directly from the keypad or from the Turbolock app, you have a wealth of options for controlling and managing entry access.

Directly on the Lock

Lock/Unlock with Passcode

Create User Keypad Passcodes

Create Admin Keypad Passcodes

Convert eKeys to Passcodes

Engage Passive Mode


Reset the Lock

With the TURBOLOCK App You Can:

Unlock while in Bluetooth range (approx. 30’) Engage directly with the lock while in Bluetooth range (approx. 30’)

Enable Mute function while in Bluetooth range (approx. 30’)

Share and manage eKeys from anywhere in the world View unlock records from anywhere in the world Manage user access from anywhere in the world

activate Passive Mode for hassle-free guest entry with a press of a button.

activate Passive Mode for hassle-free guest entry with a press of a button.

Locate the battery box in the back handle and insert 4 AAA batteries

Locate the battery box in the back handle and insert 4 AAA batteries

The TL-99 is crafted with IP65-rated ultra-durable zinc alloy. Easy to clean. Resistant to rust.

The TL-99 is crafted with IP65-rated ultra-durable zinc alloy. Easy to clean. Resistant to rust.

Passive Function

Need hassle-free entry access? Quickly activate passive mode with a press of a button for family parties or during high-traffic times at your shop.

Optimized Battery

Four AAA batteries is all it takes to turbocharge your security. An additional backup battery pack so you won’t have to fear getting locked out.

Recommendation: Double your battery life when you use Energizer MAX AAA batteries!

Weather-Ready Durability

Crafted from ultra-durable zinc alloy that complements most architectures, while delivering lasting security that withstands tough weather conditions. IP65 water-resistant and rust resistant.

UPDATED & UPGRADED — TL99 comes with the all new Turbolock App for seamless integration with your smartphone. Designed from the ground up to be simple, easy and effective. It’s turbocharged personal security in the palm of your hand.
UNLIMITED eKEYS — The Turbolock App delivers complete control over your front door keyless entry access. Trusted users need only download the app, register the account, then you’ll be able to share unlimited eKeys that are permanent, time-sensitive or single use.
PASSIVE MODE, ACTIVE CONTROL — With app or keypad, lock the door or activate Passive Mode during summer parties, open houses, special events, regular store hours or other high-traffic occasions. Guests can enter at their leisure. No code or eKey needed.
YEAR-ROUND DURABILITY — The TL99 smart lock is crafted from ultra-durable zinc alloy. No smart lock is completely waterproof. But our Bluetooth door lock is rated IP65 dust- and water-resistant for security that can stand up to most weather conditions.
SIMPLE INSTALLATION — Install the smart door lock on most standard doors using a screwdriver. Professional (and costly) installers or locksmiths required. Have questions? Our world-class support team, backed by an American company, is here to help.

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