Shirtal 6.5 feet X 10 feet/2X3M Adjustable Background Support Background Support kit, Used for Studio Video use, Hanging Background Cloth

Price: $37.99
(as of Jan 29,2021 03:46:13 UTC – Details)

Size: 2x3M/6.5Feetx10Feet

2 x tripod
The height can be adjusted, the highest is 6.5 feet, and the lowest contraction is 2.2 feet. It is made of metal material and is durable.
The tripod with butterfly screws and rotating buttons can be adjusted in height at will and is not easy to damage.

2x retractable crossbar
Maximum 10 feet, made of metal, very strong, good load-bearing performance the width is Min 5 ft to Max 10 ft

4 x fish mouth clip
The handle of the fish mouth clip has a comfortable texture and is durable
Length: 10.5 cm/4 inches width

2 x side clip
Adjustable, durable, light weight, the length can be adjusted according to the length by pressing a button.

1 x handbag
You can put the background frame in the carrying bag for easy carrying and storage.

Package Contents
2 x bracket light stand
2 x retractable crossbar
4 x fish mouth clip
2 x side clip
1 x carrying case

The product contains: 2 x tripod stand, 2 x retractable crossbar, 2 x background clip, 1 x carrying case. 4 x fish mouth clip
The height of the tripod can be adjusted, the lowest is 26 inches/68cm, the highest is 78 inches/200cm, the crossbar is assembled in two sections, the width is Min 5 ft to Max 10 ft
High-quality materials, the bracket is made of metal, and the surface is painted to prevent rust. Very durable.
The set has 4 fish mouth clips and 2 side clips, which can fix the background cloth well.
The suit is equipped with a carrying case, which is convenient for you to store indoors and carry it outdoors

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