Drone Wars: The Beginning

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John is working in his garden when he is attacked by a drone armed with a .40 caliber gun. After barely escaping being killed and managing to destroy the drone with a shotgun, he suddenly notices that the sky above the adjacent cornfield is black with approaching drones. He rushes his wife into the root cellar under the house as the drones begin firing.

John escapes and goes on the run. He finds out it was the government that murdered his wife and tried to kill him, just as they have been secretly assassinating other citizens who speak out against the current administration. He joins a talented group of government resisters and is asked to lead them in a rebellion to topple the rogue government.

John agrees to lead them and then the fun starts. It will require all of John’s brains, strength, and fortitude to succeed in overthrowing the government, protecting the citizenry, and restoring liberty to the people, even with the talented and remarkable men and women of the resistance on his side.

Some of the characters include:

Peggy, who escapes a missile drone attack and learns she is much more competent than she ever believed possible.

Jonas, an incredible genius who fights on the side of liberty even though he is afraid to fire a gun.

Toni, whose husband and family were murdered by the government and who is fighting back.

The girl in the hoodie, a 16-year-old hacker putting her skills to use in the rebellion.

Lorne, whose Walter Mittyish appearance conceals a determined and capable warrior.

Gwen, a fragile old lady, but an expert shooter.

Myrtle, a six-foot-six behemoth who is an excellent cook.

Lowboy, a grizzled Southerner who gets the ball rolling.

Doc, just out of medical school and a fearless and capable driver.

Tom, an ex-military sniper.

Merle, a sheriff who stands off a federal invasion in his county.

The President, a narcissistic psychopath bent of destroying anyone and anything that opposes him.

Greg, a bio-enhanced government killer.

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Drone Wars: The Beginning
Drone Wars: The Beginning


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