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Upgrade your Echo expertise with this Dummies guide to all things Alexa

Amazon’s hugely popular family of Echo devices has made Alexa a household name. She can answer your questions, entertain you, and even help around the house. Alexa for Dummies is the perfect guide for Alexa users who want to get up and running with their Echo devices. From basic setup to making the most of Alexa’s powerful smart home capabilities, this is your one-stop resource to all things Alexa. 

Whether you’ll use Alexa to send text messages, play music, control your thermostat, look up recipes, replenish your pantry, or just search the internet for information, you’ll find detailed instructions in this fun and easy-to-understand guide.

  • Set up and personalize your Alexa device with an Amazon account and custom settings, including your preferred Alexa voice
  • Use Alexa to play music throughout your home, stream videos online, and meet all your entertainment needs
  • Unlock the power of advanced features like Alexa Skills and make your Alexa accessible
  • Turn your ordinary house into a modern smart home with advanced smart home features and Echo accessories

The virtual assistant you’ve dreamed of is now a reality with your favorite Echo device. Let Alexa For Dummies make your wish Alexa’s command.

From the Publisher

Alexa tips, Alexa tricks, Alexa easter eggsAlexa tips, Alexa tricks, Alexa easter eggs

Alexa movie easter eggsAlexa movie easter eggs

Four Alexa Easter Eggs from your Favorite Films

Movies are a great source for Alexa Easter eggs. There are dozens, perhaps even hundreds, so consider these four to be a mere appetizer:

‘Alexa, release the Kracken!’ – Clash of the Titans’Alexa, define supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’. – Mary Poppins’Alexa, what is the Jedi code?’ – Star Wars’Alexa, what is my mission?’- Mission: Impossible

Alexa TV easter eggsAlexa TV easter eggs

Four Alexa Easter Eggs from Terrific TV Shows

Although Alexa doesn’t have a ton of TV Easter eggs, they are no less iconic. Here are a few favorites to whet your whistle:

‘Alexa, who shot JR?’ – Dallas’Alexa, Winter is coming’. – Game of Thrones’Alexa, more cowbell!’ – Saturday Night Live’Alexa, what is the Prime Directive?’ – Star Trek

Alexa musicAlexa music

Four Alexa Easter Eggs from Top Tunes

Music is one of Alexa’s strong suits, so you won’t be surprised to hear that it has dozens of music-related Easter eggs waiting to be discovered. Here are some samples for music lovers of all ages:

‘Alexa, how many roads must a man walk down? – ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ by Bob Dylan’Alexa, I shot a man in Reno’. – ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ by Johnny Cash’Alexa, hello it’s me’. – ‘Hello’ by Adele’Alexa, what does the fox say?’ – ‘The Fox’ by Ylvis

Alexa easter eggsAlexa easter eggs

Four Alexa Easter Eggs That Are Just Plain Odd

The tasks you ask Alexa to do are mostly utilitarian: ‘Set an alarm’, ‘Play some music’, ‘Be quiet’. But all work and no play makes Alexa dull virtual personal assistant. To give Alexa something fun to do, try one of these requests:

‘Alexa, flip a coin’.’Alexa, make me a sandwich’.’Alexa, pretend to be a supervillain’.’Alexa, talk like a pirate’.

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