Lucakuins T30 (32.5mm, Bluetooth) Smart Call Watch, With Full Circle Full Touch Personalized Dial, Music Player/Wrist Phone/Heart Rate Monitor/Fitness Tracking/IP67 Waterproof

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Product Description

T30 smart watch displayT30 smart watch display


A variety of surface background image selection, and custom personalized background display.


Dial/Receive Function

T30 call smart watch supports Bluetooth synchronization with mobile phone.

The main function of this watch is to design the dial page on the surface. It is convenient for users to dial numbers without using a mobile phone.

In addition, users can add “frequent contacts” or select dialing parties in “recent contacts”.

The high-definition screen and the sensitive touch system give users a smooth experience, which is a great enjoyment for users who have operational quality requirements.


Music Player

T30 supports built-in music storage and Bluetooth playback.

No matter when and where users are, whether they have the conditions to listen to songs. T30 watches can achieve the atmosphere of music

T30 watch can be connected to mobile phone Bluetooth to play music in the mobile phone. At the same time, T30 watch has built-in storage space to support music storage. Users can store their favorite or frequently listened music in it. When you want to listen to music, you can choose to play it outside or TWS headphones.

Routine Health Monitoring Functions

heart rate monitoring

heart rate monitoring

sleep monitoring

sleep monitoring

smart health reminder

smart health reminder

T30 watch senses the pulse of the human body by receiving the fluctuation of the green light source and the final heart rate detection value.

The sleep monitoring function can monitor the user’s breathing rate fluctuations and time intervals during night sleep.

T30 watch supports common sports functions. They are eight sports functions such as bicycle, running, skipping rope, badminton, basketball, football and so on.


【Fashion Personality】The smart watch is super light and comfortable, and the strap is adjustable, which can be strapped to any length that you want to fit your wrist. When you can’t find the location of the watch, you can use the “Find Watch” function to help you find it. The custom dial background is convenient for users to match different straps to show their own style.
【IP67 Waterproof and Sports Mode】The smart watch adopts a waterproof design and passes the IP67 waterproof test, allowing you to wear it on many occasions without worrying, such as washing your hands, swimming, etc. The product contains 8 exercise modes, which record the user’s exercise data in real time.
【Long Battery Life】This smart watch has a large battery power and a power saving mode, you can use it for several days without worrying about running out of battery power.
【T30 Official Direct Flagship Store】Our shop promises that all products sold are authentic. We are not responsible for problems with products purchased in other stores.

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