Linco Lincostore LED 3200 Lumens Photo Video Studio Light Kit AM243 – Including 3 Color Backdrops (Black/White/Green) Background Screen

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Product Description

This kit also includes backdrop stands and three 5’x10′ ft muslin backdrops in black, white and chromakey green. You could use this kit in the studio for videography and photography as well as on location projects.


4 x Linco#5310-2 Mini-Cirrus Light Holder

Smooth ergonomic design Fire-resistant Plastic Socket (E26/E27).

4 x Linco#8806L Zenith 75″ Light Weight Light Stand

Minimum height:32in.Maximum height:77in. Die cast steel for quality built. Max load:15lbs. Zinc stud head.

2 x Linco#3012 Photography Studio High Quality White Umbrella Reflector

Size: diagonal line 32″.Made of high quality Material.Works well to diffuse the light from any kinds of Photography light.Lightweight and Easy to set up.Color: Snow White translucent.Reflect and spread light stream evenly.Eliminate glare and spots.

2 x Linco#3402-2NS 24″ Photography Studio Pheno Square Silver Umbrella Reflector Softbox

2 functions in 1: softbox, reflector (with a diffuser).Umbrella-style softbox: Easy to Assemble.Can be installed or uninstalled on the light head.With a flexible opening to put a light head in.

4 x 60W Spherical LED Bulb

1 x Linco#4151-4237 Linco Zenith Backdrop Stand Support System

Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral BulbRegular Srew Bace E2623 Watts (almost equivalent to 100 watts incandescent light bulb).

1 x Linco#2020-10 Photography Studio Exclusive Premium Carrying Bag for Lighting Kit

Size: 31x8x7 inches (LxWxH).Color: Black.Durable Premium 420D Oxford Cloth.Internal Water Resistant.Designed for Storing All Accessories of Lighting Kit.

1 x GEN0510T Photography Studio Green Screen Backdrop Muslin Background

Chromakey Green Screen.5 feet x 10 feet.

1 x WH0510T Photography Studio White Screen Backdrop Muslin Background

Snow White Screen.5 feet x 10 feet.

1 x BLK0510T Photog.raphy Studio Black Screen Backdrop Muslin Background

Black Screen.5 feet x 10 feet.

3 x Linco OA4295 Backdrop Holders (Backdrop Helper)

3402-2NS 24″ Photography Studio Pheno Square Silver Umbrella Reflector Softbox

The Pheno Square Umbrella creates even and diffused light by directing light through the inner aluminized fabric surface acting as an efficient reflector. The with a light diffusion surface of 24″x24″(60x60cm), it is ideal for general photography including portraits, group shots, glamour and product photography. It’s simple to use, like an umbrella when being folded. It features an elastic pocket which places the light source in optimal position providing zero light loss.

5310-2 Mini-Cirrus Light Holder

Compact Package, Stable and High Quality Product, Lightweight, Easy to Carry.

Compact Design

½ weight of conventional light heads, ultra lightweight at only 4.2 ounces.Perfect for on-location & studio use.

Superb Ergonomics

Unique patented design, “V”-shaped handle for easy adjustment and increased grip.

Durable Build

Premium polyamide construction, durable double-layered socket.One-piece unibody manufacturing, cross-section reinforced backing.

800 Lumens Lighting Output LED Light Bulb: 110V 60W 5000K

That premium photography studio spherical LED light bulb lights deliver true and crisp colors with an accurate CRI. And day-light light bulb are daylight (white) balanced at 5000K, which allows the to be combined easily with ambient, window light for supplmental lighting.

60W spherical LED bulb.Standard screw-in base.5000K Color Temperature.60 Watts (800 lumens lighting output).Only use 8.5W energy.Designed for usage at 110V, 60 Hz.Silent and flickerless operation.

White Umbrella Reflector & Backdrop Stand Support System & Carrying Bag

3012 High Quality White Umbrel

The white translucent umbrella works in the opposite way that reflective umbrellas do. Constructed from high quality translucent white fabric, it allows light to pass producing a soft even light for your subject.

Size: diagonal line 32″. Made of high quality Material. Works well to diffuse the light from any kinds of Photography light. Lightweight and Easy to set up. Color: Snow White translucent. Reflect and spread light stream evenly. Eliminate glare and spots.

Backdrop Stand Support System

Linco Zenith Backdrop Stand Support System is suitable for all levels of photographers from amateurs to professionals. The perfect solution to produce photo and video for web retailers and commercial product catalog. You can take perfect photos anywhere, anytime.

2020-10 Carrying bag

This carrying bag is made from strong and durable Oxford cloth with PA (420D). It’s extremely lightweight and foldable. This durable lighting carrying bag is great for transporting any combination of lights and accessories.

Size: 31x8x7 inches (LxWxH). Color: Black. Lightweight and Easy to Carry. Durable premium material. Water Resistant (not waterproof). Designed for storing all light kit accessories.

(2) x Pheno Photography Square Studio Photo Silver Umbrella Reflector Softbox
(2) x 32″ Photo Studio White Premium Soft Umbrella
(1) x All-in-one Carrying Bag – the Whole Kit Can Be Put In
(1) x 77″ High 78″ Wide Background Support System + (1) x 5×10 Feet 3 Color Backdrop (Black/White/Green)
(4) x 77″ Feet High Zenith Light Stand : Sturdy and Lightweight + (4) x Mini cirrus Light Head

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