Keypad Deadbolt Lock, Keyless Entry Door Lock with 50 Codes, Easy to Install and Program, Door Locks with Keypads, Electronic Deadbolt with Auto-Lock and Alarm, Top Security for Home and Office

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Product Description

Applicable Door Thickness

1.38 inch – 1.77 inch (35mm – 45mm)

1.38 inch – 1.77 inch (35mm – 45mm)

Item Weight

2.64 pounds

2.59 pounds

Package Dimensions

7.56 x 5.75 x 4.33 inches

7.64 x 4.69 x 4.33 inches


About King Force

At King Force, we develop sustainable electronic deadbolt locks to keep homes protected. We make quality, secure and affordable smart locks that deliver convenience and security to your family. King Force is committed to delivering high-quality products and service to all our customers.

door handlingdoor handling

Identify Your Door Handing

door handingdoor handing

Things you must know during installation & Programming


1. Please keep the deadbolt latch retracted when installing.

2.When you install the exterior keypad, you need to position the tailpiece on the back horizontally. If the tailpiece is positioned incorrectly, the interior knob will not rotate or operate the lock.

3. Please be aware that the installation process is different for left-handed and right-handed doors. Incorrect switch setting could cause the lock works oppositely:

a. If your door is left-handed, you would need to ensure the entry switch is set to left at the interior assembly and the interior knob is positioned horizontally.

b. If your door is right-handed, you would need to ensure the entry switch is set to right at the interior assembly and the interior knob to is positioned vertically.

4. Please test the lock after installation with the door open

a. Test the lock using the Interior Knob. The bolt should move smoothly.

b. Test the lock using the Keypad. To lock press the Lock Button and then press ” 123456″ then Unlock Button to unlock.


1. Please make sure the lock is programmed with at least one user code, if unsuccessful, the lock cannot be locked or unlocked by the keypad. Please restore the lock’s default setting if needed.

2. Please keep the door open and the lock has to be in the unlock position before any programming setting.

E.g. Add User Codes:

Keep the door open and unlock, enter pc and click unlock bottom to enter programming mode, then press 1 to get into Add User Id setting.

Top Security and Convenience

Top Security and Convenience





Top Security and Convenience

King Force keypad deadbolt allows you to program up to 50 user codes for family and friends. This electronic deadbolt secures convenient keyless entry for you and your loved ones. You can also set the door to automatically lock after 3-30 seconds or apply one-touch locking. King Force keyless entry door Lock will make sure you are always under protection.

Applicable Door Thickness

1.38 inch – 1.77 inch (35mm – 45mm)

*Please do not install it on the door with improper thickness.

*Please shorten the tailpiece to the first groove line if you are applying the lock to a 35mm door.

*Please refer to the manual for more details.

What’s Included in the Box

1 Manual

2 Entry Keys

Interior Assembly

Mounting Plate

Touch Keypad Assembly

Deadbolt Strike Plate

Deadbolt Latch

10 Screws (7 in the bag and 3 on the interior assembly)


Easy Installation

You can set up King Force keyless entry door lock deadbolt within 6 steps by using just a screwdriver in minutes. No skills required and no hard wiring needed. Please refer to the manual and tutorial if needed.

Easy to Install: The keyless entry door lock deadbolt is simple to install and can replace your existing deadbolt, a screwdriver is all that is required; Please be aware that the install process is different for the left-hinged door and right-hinged doors; You can refer to the manual included and installation video on this page for more details
Easy to Operate: This keyless deadbolt lock has a back-lit keypad, that provides you with easy keyless entry even in the dark; This keypad deadbolt lock allows you to quickly and securely lock your home by one-touch lock button; Please be aware that the lock has to be in the unlock position before adjusting any programming setting
2 Ways of Entry: The door lock with keypad provides 2 locking options, keypad and physical keys (2 supplied); You can add up to 50 entry codes for loved ones to access your home
Convenient Auto-Lock Function: This keyless deadbolt lock automatically locks the door after a set time (3-30s) for peace of mind just in case you forget; You can switch the auto-lock function off by setting the time to 0s
Fits Standard-Sized Doors: This deadbolt keypad is powered by 4 AA batteries and it fits doors in the thickness ranging from 1.38 inches – 1.77 inches (35mm – 45mm); This electronic lock is also equipped with a low-battery alert and a USB socket at the bottom for emergency charging; Please be aware that the batteries are not included

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