Keyless Entry Door Lock, Hugolog Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock, Auto Lock, Easy to Install and Program, Battery Backup for Front Door, Garage Door, Back and Side Door, Bedroom Door, Black

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Product Description

For Installation and Programing instructions, kindly refer to the User Guide provided as pdf document in the Technical Specification section.

hugolog keypad door lockhugolog keypad door lock

customizable user codecustomizable user code


Designed to fit most American standard door and pairs with contemporary or traditional knobs and handles.No keyhole remove the threat of keys being copied or stolen, potentially leaving your home vulnerable to tampering or theft.

Silent Mode

Low Battery Indicator

Easily Welcome Guest with Keyless Entry

Have pets?

Set a temporary code for your pet sitter.

Going for a jog?

No more carrying a bulky key chain or worrying about losing your keys along the way.

Forgetfu­­­l child or roommate?

Give them an access code they’ll always remember.

Own a rental or vacation home?

When your renter moves out, simply change the code.

20 Customizable User Codes

1 One-Time Use Passcode

4-10 Digit Code Length

Auto lockingAuto locking

Save Time When Leaving the House


The JU01 deadbolt keypad combo allows you to set the door to automatically lock after 10 to 99 seconds, so there is no risk of the door being left open and alleviate the stress of having to remember locking the door. Easy to use especially for kids or the elders.

One Touch Locking

One touch motorized locking is an added convenience to homeowners. Lock your door with a single touch. No additional turning or twisting needed.

The contemporary styles and finishes matches up your home aesthetic, bringing new excitement to your properties.

Door Measurement

Door Prep Size: 2.13 inches (54mm)

Backset: 2.36 in / 2.76 inches (60mm / 70mm)

Door Thickness: 1.38 inches to 1.97 inches (35mm to 50mm)

Fits both left right handed doors. *Follow instructions to program the lock for correct direction.

Other Features

battery backup

battery backup

vacation mode

vacation mode

diy installtion

diy installtion

weather resistant

weather resistant

Emergency Power Supply

Operate on 4 aa alkaline batteries (not included) with one year battery life. Low battery indication will notify you when the batteries are running low. If you fail to replace the batteries, you can still open the door by connecting the lock to external power bank.

Secure Mode

Secure Mode will temporarily block entry of user codes until master code is entered on keypad.

This is a security feature for you when you are leaving your home for vacation or a long trip.

Easy to Install and Program

Install in minutes with just a screwdriver and easily program your codes by following short installation video above or instructions.

IP54 Weather Resistance

Protect against not only unwanted access, but weather too. This keypad lock is IP54 water-resistant and function well in -4°F to 131°F (-20°C to 55°C) working temperature. It is not waterproof but still can better withstand the elements.

Hugolog keypad lock listHugolog keypad lock list

No more keys under the mat; this digital door lock is here to make your day-to-day access effortless; enter your home with just a few simple pushes of a button and lock it automatically; no more fumbling around for keys when you’re trying to unlock your door
Pick and bump proof; this keypad deadbolt is 100 percent key free, no keyhole to pick or bump, which nowadays anyone can learn from an online video; no more spare keys that people can lose, misplace or copy, providing extra security for your home and offering you the necessary peace of mind, especially for families with kids
Give access to people you trust; program up to 20 user codes and one single-use temporary codes for you to share access with family or guests; no more worry about rushing back home to open the door for anyone; disable codes is also a breeze when you need to
Add a modern touch to your property; along with rigorously tested construction, this keyless deadbolt also have a sleek modern design which would complement any interior or back door in the residential home, apartment, or commercial business office building
Quick and easy installation; replaces existing deadbolt all by yourself with just a screwdriver in minutes; no skills required, no hard wiring needed

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