HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock,Unlock with M1 Card, Code and Key,Default for Left Hand Orientation

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(as of Jan 30,2021 21:42:03 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Function:  It has 3 unlock options: M1 card, Pass code or Mechanical Key.

Max of 100 Codes, 800 Cards,  users. Keypad illumination

Code users can change the code by their own, no need to know master code, the one who knows master code can easily add or delete normal users.

Pass word protect funtion, you can input many digits before and after your code to open the door, for example, your code is 666666, you can input 12352+666666+98658 to open the door, total length must be less than 20 digits

Double user function,when this function is enabled, you need to input two open lock ways to open the lock, for example, one code+ another code, one code+card, two cards, etc.

Handle Orientation for this lock is easily Reversible

The orientation of this lock is default for left hand. If you need right hand direction,simply follow the instrution in the package or ask video guide from seller to change the direction.

Standard Single Latch,backset for 2-3/8″ and 2-3/4″ both available in the packing

Package includes 2 M1 Cards, and 2 Metal Keys and necessary fitting components.


Diameter of plate: 2.55″(75mm)*6.1″(155mm)
Latches with backset of 2 3/8″(60mm) and 2 3/4″(70mm) both available in the package.
Handle length:5.31″(135mm)

Passage mode available

when enter into this mode, the lock won’t automatically lock after open once, no need to input code every time for a busy door

Voice Navigation While Operating, make it much easier when program the lock

In case of dead battery

The lock will alarm when the battery voltage is lower than 4.8V, You can use keys to open the door(move away the key hole cover first). there is a plastic sucking dist to do this or you can use a magnet to move it away

Video Guide available

Problem shooting steps:

1.Can’t program code: please reset the lock by press the reset button for 5 seconds (the reset button in under the battery cover), then program it again.

2.Fail to work within a short time: reset the lock first and reprogram it, if still fails to work, please contact seller for a replacement

3.Missing component: Contact seller for replacement

This lock is excellent for beedroom, with 100 code users, 800 card users, 120 remote users. Easy to control access for different people.

This lock is also suitable for apartment, members from can use different cards to get in, easy and fast! Extra cards available.

This lock is very good for office, you can program it to keep open during busy time

Unlock with M1 Card, Pass Code or Mechanical Key,Voice Navigation While Operating
1020 Total Possible Users and Quickly Add or Delete User Passcode, Keyfob individually.
Max of 100 Codes, 800 Cards users. Stay Unlocked Mode Available. Keypad illumination, Standard Latch(2 3/8″ 60mm and 2 3/4″ 70mm adjustable)
4 AA (not included). Package Includes 2 M1 Cards, and 2 Metal Keys, This Lock Require an Extra Small Hole For Fitting Screw
CE certificate,Laser Cut keys, Hidden keyhole, Easy Right or Left Handle Switching, Extra card ASIN B01LERW8WU(Card Shape) or ASIN B071ND8T5T(Key chain shape)

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