Fresh Menu Kitchen 3 Reusable Freezer Bags 1 Gallon – Extra Thick and Large Reusable Storage Bag with Airtight Seal Perfect for Soups, Kitchen Storage and Freezer Meals

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Plastics are not recyclable in our lifetime. Less than 10% of all of the plastic we use every day gets recycled. Instead, most ends up in landfills or washing in the ocean.
Plastics contain a very dangerous chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked to hormonal disruption, obesity, early puberty, as well as breast and prostate cancers.
Reusable ziplock bags are a great idea to replace plastic ziplock bags for storing sandwich, snacks and other food. It’s made of food grade PEVA material.
Introducing Fresh Menu Kitchen: Our brand of eco-friendly, convenient and safe kitchen solutions. 
Now you don’t have to settle for bulky plastic food containers or cheaply-made Reusable snack bags anymore.
Our premium quality Reusable 1 gallon freezer bags are here to help you store, organize, freeze, and refrigerate your favorite meals hassle free!
Now, save hundreds of dollars per year and prevent using single use ziplock bags.
Easy to Clean
All you need is hot soapy water. Give the Reusable freezer bags a good scrub and let them air-dry. Because of the PEVA construction these bags are NOT dishwasher friendly.

*Disclaimer* Do not put any hot liquids or meat in these bags. The food has to be cool (and should be before freezing or chilling for food safety reasons) the hot temperatures can wreck the bags!
✅KEEP YOUR FRIDGE & KITCHEN ORGANIZED: Are you sick and tired of an unorganized fridge and freezer? Our Reusable Freezer Bags are here to keep them neat and organized. Now you can enjoy a more efficient kitchen every day!
✅ECO FRIENDLY + KEEP FOOD FRESH = MONEY SAVING: Can you imagine the quantity of food and plastic bags we throw away every day? Fresh Menu Kitchen’s Reusable kitchen bag with airtight seal extends the life of your food. They are here to promote ZERO WASTE. Make a difference!
✅LEAKPROOF AND FREEZER SAFE: Upgraded Reusable 1 gallon bags with a double thick seam provide an airtight leak proof seal. With the upgraded wide side and triple thick seal, these reusable freezer gallon bags make it easier to open and close the bag.
✅GALLON SIZE FOR MORE USES: 1 Gallon Bags (11 inches x 11 inches) are ideal for storing large amounts of marinated meats, fish, chicken, meal prep, frozen foods, cereals, biscuits, leftovers, etc.
✅AMAZING QUALITY: Our premium Reusable food bags provide a superior user experience. Food grade material, leak proof, heat and cold resistant. Best to store liquid and use in the refrigerator and freezer. MOST IMPORTANTLY, they are safe for babies and pets!


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