DREAMGRIP Scout MOJO Modular Rig Kit 2020 with 3 Microphones, LED Light and All-in Accessories Set for PRO Video Production with Any Smartphone for Journalists, Vloggers, Youtubers, and Movie Makers

Price: $99.99
(as of Jan 28,2021 18:55:13 UTC – Details)

SCOUT is the new compact Universal Modular Rig System for low or even next-to-nothing budget video content production with just a smartphone. Adjustable clamp holder on rotatable connector enables to fix easily and securely ANY phone for shooting either horizontally or vertically. SCOUT is great for both indoor and outdoor. It is lightweight but well balanced and pocket-fit sized for easy carrying or traveling. The rig modules can be assembled in a number of different setups of your choice. It can be handheld, can stand, can be mounted on a mini or a full-sized tripod. The integrated patented Track System provides a connection base for the extra microphone, LED light, and other photo/video accessories one may need for the production of professional quality content. SCOUT rig is very simple in use and with all accessories does not require any previous shooting experience of the operator. Just define your shooting frame, connect a microphone you need, check if more light is needed for a better picture – and kick out your content project! You can use all or some elements from the set to build different setups for the most convenient and the best shooting experience with any smartphone. DREAMGRIP SCOUT is the best ever created compact modular Rig and the most accessible solution for vlogging, live streaming, visualization of educational projects, mobile journalism (MOJO), commercial and promotional videos, social network content and marketing. DREAMGRIP SCOUT MOJO contains: The adjustable Phone Clamp with Revolving connector and patented track, ergonomic balancing Grip, Mini Stand, Table Tripod with a fluid head, Hand Strap, LED lamp, Directional Minigun Microphone, and 2 omnidirectional Lavalier Microphones with accessories. ATTENTION! To connect to Apple iPhone use ONLY original Lightning to Audio Jack connector or certified by Apple (NOT included). For connection with DSLR cameras use TRRS to TRS Audio Jack.

Directional Minigun VLC-80, 2 omnidirectional lavalier microphones with extension cable and more accessories, 49LED light are included. Kit is ready for streaming and broadcasting!
Easy adjustable for Vertical or Horizontal shooting with any front and back cameras with ANY smartphone.
Modular construction, easily transformable, multiple setups to fit any shooting styles, any common and creative view angles
Compact and lightweight, well balanced for handheld shooting, extra mini stand and table tripod with a fluid head are included.
100% compatible and can be used together with any other original DREAMGRIP products like rigs, LED lights, microphones, and standard photo/video accessories from most of other suppliers.

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