Chefstory Airtight Food Storage Containers Set, 14 PCS Kitchen Storage Containers with Lids for Flour, Sugar and Cereal, Plastic Dry Food Canisters for Pantry Organization and Storage

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Product Description

pantry storage containers
pantry storage containers

kitchen storage containers
kitchen storage containers

Keep Your Favorite Food Fresh and Organized

A great place to store spaghetti, cereal, flour, sugar,baking supplies, oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts and other dry goods!

These airtight storage containers are versatile enough to work well on your kitchen countertop, cabinets, and help you organize your kitchen and pantry better, also make your kitchen and pantry keep neat.

airtight food storage containers
airtight food storage containers

Chefstory 14 Pcs Food Storage Contaners

Product Features

Airtight Seal Lids

The 4 side-locking lids with black silicone gasket are sealed and airtight, keeping your food fresh and tasty while in storage.

Space-Saving Design

These pantry storage containers keep your pantry organized with a modular shape for easy stacking and storing.

Clear Design

These see-through, durable plastic containers make it easy to see what’s inside.

Package Includes:

2 Tall Size Containers(2.Q5T/2.8L)
4 Large Size Containers(1.7QT/2.0L)
4 Meduim Size Containers(1.5QT/1.6L)
4 Small Size Containers(0.7QT/0.8L)
24 Pcs Chalkboard labels
Washing Tips: Please handwash the lid, dishwasher safe for the container

Package Quantity
14 PCS
4 Size
2 Tall Size Containers(2.Q5T/2.8L)
2 Tall Size Containers(2.Q5T/2.8L)

2 Large Size Containers(1.7QT/2.0L)
4 Large Size Containers(1.7QT/2.0L)

2 Meduim Size Containers(1.5QT/1.6L)
4 Meduim Size Containers(1.5QT/1.6L)

2 Small Size Containers(0.7QT/0.8L)
4 Small Size Containers(0.7QT/0.8L)

Plastic+ Silicone
Plastic+ Silicone
BPA Free

Perfect Combination of Variety Sizes — Our 14 pcs airtight food containers come in 4 sizes for all your storage needs, 2 Tall Container (2.5QT/2.8L), 4 Large Container (1.8QT/2.0L), 4 Medium Containers (1.5QT/1.6L), 4 Small Container(0.7QT/0.8L). Perfect for storing spaghetti, cereal, flour, sugar,pasta, nuts, rice, grain, beans, snacks and other dry food.
Airtight Seal Lids — The 4 side-locking lids with black silicone gasket creates an airtight seal, protect these storage containers from air and water to keep your food fresh and dry, help you get prolonged food storage.
Stackable Design — These stackable containers have been specially designed to save space, they are stackable and will easily fit into your pantry or cupboard, which allows you to make full use of every inch of your home and kitchen.
Making Storing Easier — These plastic canisters are versatile enough to work well on your kitchen countertop, cabinets, and pantry, you can use them to store and serve a variety of food. With the see-through design, it’s easy to see the contents inside these pantry storage containers.
Food Grade and BFA free — Our kitchen storage containers are made of durable food-grade plastic, BPA-Free. Except 14pcs dry food storage containers, this set included extra 24 pcs reusable labels, you can switch contents whenever you need.


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