[2020 Cell Phone Subtitle Magnifier for Live, FRYGIKU Phone Subtitle Magnifier for Better Interaction with Fans Audience, Reduce Eye Fatigue

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FRYGIKU Phone Subtitle Magnifier
The mobile phone is the main tool to live a broadcast. Owing to its samll screen, the frequent interactions from fans and audience will be even affected, as missing many messages.
In addition, excessive use of eyes for a long time can cause eye fatigue. In order to solve these problem, after months of research and design, the live subtitle amplifier was born.

Product Features:
1. Better interaction
2. Relieve eye fatigue
3. Clear enlarged word 3-4 times

Product Specifications:
Adjustable: yes
Quantity: 1 peice
Color: black
1* FRYGIKU cell phone subtitle magnifier,
1*Adjustable Strut,
1*Product Manual

【BETTER LIVE INTERACTION with FANS】The most important thing about live broadcasting is to interact with the audience and fans, and to care about their thoughts and feelings. But many messages would be missed, because of too many news and too small subtitles. Subtitle amplifier, focusing on the interactive messages of fans and audience, helps bloggers amplify subtitles, never missing a message.
【REDUCE EYE FATIGUE】Staring at the small subtitles on the phone screen for a long time can easily make your eyes tired and hurt your eyes. Using the subtitle magnifier, you can easily view every message and protect your eyes.
【CLEAR ENLARGED WORD】The live subtitle amplifier can clearly enlarge the subtitles 3-4 times, and the best viewing position is about 5 cm from the phone screen.
👍WHAT’S YOU GET: 1* FRYGIKU cell phone subtitle magnifier, 1*Adjustable Strut, 1*clip, 1*Product Manual. If any question, please just ask at any time.


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